ADS-B - Free Weather and Traffic

Chartflier is the first and only major EFB with integrated free ADS-B weather!

ADS-B is replacing radar as the primary surveillance method for air traffic control worldwide. In the USA, the system also provides traffic and government generated textual and graphical weather information, for free - no subscription as required with XM weather.

See screenshots below.

ADS-B Ready for Prime Time

Hot off the press, a new in-depth August feature from Flying Magazine:

After test deployments in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, Louisville and Philadelphia, the FAA announced last week it has approved full deployment of Automatic Dependent Surveillance — Broadcast (ADS-B) technology.

Click here to read Robert Goyer's in-depth August feature, The Ins and Outs of ADS-B, to learn more about ADS-B and what it means to you and the industry. As a Chartflier subscriber it means free weather today in the best EFB choice on the market.

Chartflier is Ready Today for ADS-B


Stop paying $600 or more a year for XM weather. The next major release of Chartflier will include integrated ADS-B weather, which is free - no subscription fees! You will have to buy a portable ADS-B receiver, but the cost will be on par with XM receivers, and will pay for itself with saved XM subscription costs. We are working with a portable ADS-B manufacturer to secure discount pricing for Chartflier subscribers.

Click on the image to the right and read more about ADS-B coverage.

Weather Services Included With ADS-B

Wondering what weather services you get from ADS-B integration with Chartflier? Quite a bit!

In addition to weather, special use airspace updates (e.g. TFRs) and GPS position, track, velocity, and altitude are possible.

You could be receiving FREE WEATHER right now!

ADS-B weather integration with Chartflier is here today. For more information on ADS-B weather and Chartflier, contact us here and we look forward to helping you take advantage of this new technology that's all the buzz today.

Compliant ADS-B Weather Receivers

These receivers are tested with our sofware and provide excellent ADS-B information

Radenna SkyRadar Receiver

Radenna SkyRadar



Navworx PADS600


Below are a couple screenshots of Chartflier with ADS-B weather in use, depicting NEXRAD radar and METAR info for reporting airports. Red circles indicate IFR conditions at the airport, blue marginal VFR, green for good VFR conditions and magenta for low IFR. You would simply tap an airport or VOR to see METAR/SPECI, TAF, winds and temps aloft, and PIREP details, in both raw FAA and decoded formats. Chartflier even keeps old METARs in memory as new ones are recieved, so you can see trends.

Weather depicted on a VFR sectional:
ADS-B Weather

Weather depicted on an IFR lo-enroute chart:
ADS-B Weather

Realtime winds aloft bubble you can popup anytime showing headwind/tailwind components for your current track for all reported altitudes based on nearest reporting station:
ADS-B Traffic

Traffic depicted on a VFR sectional:
ADS-B Traffic

Note - traffic only available with ADS-B Transceivers (ADS-B out.)

Click here for even more Chartflier screenshots.